A amazing man
He was a child like no other,
First he was born from a virgin mother,
His birth was blessed with a bright shiny star,
Which brought people from near and far,
To lay tokens at his feet,
And a chance to meet,
The lamb of God,
When he was grown with just his clothes and rod,
He set out to do deeds of good,
Just as God knew he would,
Along the way disciples joined him, twelve in all,
With names like John, Peter, and Paul,
While doing Gods will,
His touch could heal the ill,
People of power began to fear,
Of all the stories they did hear,
So he was captured and held for trial,
And was treated so vile,
He was beat, spit upon and stoned,
But worse he was betrayed by two of his own,
One denied knowing him three times before dawn,
And for thirty pieces of silver, the other turned him in,
What travesties happen to the only man, who never committed a
single sin,
Then he was sentenced to be crucified,
So he carried his cross down the crowded street,
To the hill where his fate he would meet,
Then with a hole in his side and nails in his hands and feet,
These few words he did speak,
Forgive them father for they know not what they do,
And with those words he saved the soul of me and all of you, 
For our redemption Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice,
And we should all be grateful to him, for being so nice,
For he was truly a amazing man,
So for his sake, let's live the best we can.

I never want to forget my grandmother,
Because she showed me more  love than any other,
For this reason I write this rhyme,
To capture her memory for all of time,
From the day of my birth to her very end,
Through good times and bad she was always my best friend,
And even when her health began to decline,
My happiness was all she kept in mind,
I can still remember our last meet,
How she showed so little defeat,
And even though I could see the pain in her eyes,
She kept a smile on her face till we said our good-byes,
Her time has come and sheís passed on,
But I still feel her presenceís, so Iím never alone,
I know sheís in heaven and that she awaits,
For the day we reunite by those big pearly gate.

A wish
I sat alone looking into space, it was black as tar,
It was there I saw a shooting star,
And I said star light star bright,
First star I see this night,
I wish I may I wish I might,
Upon this star here tonight
To end my pain and my sorrow,
And make life better as of tomorrow,
Then as I sat there for a while,
I saw you walk by with that beautiful smile,
You looked like a treasure,
That could give my heart so much pleasure,
I could hear bells a ringing,
And mocking birds a singing,
It was then and there in love I fell,
Almost like I was under a spell,
I thank that star each and every day,
For sending you and your love my way.

I was awoke  just a little before dawn,
By the ringing of the telephone,
A shaky voice said its about your granddaddy,
Iím afraid his time is almost near,
And he wants you close to help calm his fears,
As I hung up the phone my eyes filled with tears,
I knew this day would come for the past few years,
Because of all that went wrong there was no cure,
Well at first they said it was his heart,
But then we found out that it was just the start,
Then came the sugar and ultimately a stroke,
That left him paralyzed and eventually broke,
From having to pay all those hospital bills,
And buying all those shots and pills,
I always visited but seeing him in so much pain,
With nothing I could do nearly drove me insane,
But now that his time is near itís end,
I know it wonít be long before heís heaven sent,
To reunited with my grandmother who already went,
And once again they can finally be back together,
Up in Heaven from now to forever.

Loyal friend
I had wanted to get myself a pet,
Something to love with not much debt,
I  remember looking through the litter,
And how her little eyes had such a glitter,
She had such pretty black and white hair,
That I had to buy her right then and there,
She was as shy as a mouse,
On our trip to my house,
But with a little time and lots of love,
She couldnít be around me nearly enough,
And as time continued on,
My feeling for her grew more strong,
She was always my trust worthy loyal friend,
Until that tragic day her life did end,
And I know Iíll never find another like her again.

From heaven up above
I gaze upon the moon so bright,
And ask the lord here this night,
To end my sorry and my frowns,
And send me love to be found,
Then from heaven up above,
God sent you down for me to love,
You may not have a golden harp or spreaded wings,
But youíre the angel from my dreams,
You are the cutest girl Iíve ever seen,
Your hair is as pretty and soft as silk,
Your kissís are as sweet as a mothers milk,
You dried my tears and took away my fears,
Now I look forward to being with you throughout the years,
There will be no more nights alone,
Now that I have you to lean on,
And as we both grow old and gray,
Iíll love you more each and every day,
And when our time comes and we meet our fate,
Iíll be waiting for you by the big pearly gate,
And we will spend eternity together,
From now to forever.

As we lie in our bed,
Quiet as can be,
Visions of him dance in your head,
And I just wish that it was me,
Iíve done everything to try to make you pleased,
And all you did was lie, cheat, and teased,
I donít understand why you cause me so much pain,
By driving me so much pain,
I couldnít love you more even if I tried,
So why do your love to me you deny,
Maybe we should we just be apart,
So youíd quit breaking my heart,
But for you I will always care,
This on my life I do swear.

An angel in you
I searched the world both and low,
But could never find a girl to make my blood flow,
Then from out of the blue,
God send me an angel in you,
I look deep into your eyes so pretty and brown,
And thank the Lord for you and the love I found,
You fill my days with joy and charm,
I canít wait till night to sleep in your arms,
You took away my fears of being alone,
My love dried the tears youíve cried from being done wrong,
And when you give me a kiss with those rosy red lips,
You put me in a heavenly bliss,
I hope you know and understand,
Iím looking forward to slipping that golden  band on your Left
So youíll be my woman and Iíll be your man,
And as we both grow old and gray,
Iíll thank God each day for the love youíve gave,
And Iíll love you even beyond the grave.

A typical male
Why is it that a typical male,
Always judge women by their shell,
Thereís more to them than just looks and tail,
They have a brain and feelings as well,
But most males are just looking for a easy score,
Then after the deed they never call anymore,
Because they are off running to someoneís door,
Woman are smarter because they think with their head,
And all men think about are getting them into bed,
Men should treat women like as if they were a treasure,
Instead of always thinking of their own selfish pleasure,
A word of advise to all men in this world,
You need to start being nicer to your girl,
Before you wind up all alone,
With no company at all except your own.

Will you still love me tomorrow?
But now you look as if you're feeling such sorrow,
And I just wonder will you still love me tomorrow,
I'm so sorry that I stole your treasure,
Just to fulfill my own pleasure,
I know that all of your life,
You had wanted your first time to be as a wife,
Why couldn't I just wait,
Until I made you my legal mate,
I will regret for all of infinity,
That I took your virginity,
Honey I know that you feel such sorrow,
But will you still love me tomorrow,
Then she put her fingers in my hair and began to stroke,
And these are the words that she then spoke,
I don't want you to be sad,
Because of the wonderful time we just had,
I know your love for me is true,
And that's why I wanted to make love with you,
It's not like we're just having a fling,
I know real soon I'll be wearing your ring
So don't think I'm sad or felling sorrow,
And yes my dear I will still love you tomorrow.

Deep blue sea
If you ever get to go diving in the deep blue sea,
Then you donít want miss it believe me,
Youíll be amazed  by all the different fish,
They are nothing like whatís on a diner dish,
All of them come in different of shapes and size,
And more colors than you could ever realize,
Youíll also see all kinds of sea shells,
They make great keepsakes for show an tell,
And then thereís the reef, the coral and so much more,
Like old sunk ships that you may explore,
So if youíre diving for fun or just looking for lost treasure,
Itís always a great source of pleasure,

Friends first
You have always been my closest friend,
And I would never want that to end,
Youíve stuck by me through  times of joy and despair,
And always made sure your shoulder was there,
I canít believe it took my so long to recognize,
And even longer to finally realize,
Just what you have been saying with your eyes,
If only I would have known how you really felt,
I would have never kept my feeling held,
I've always wanted to show you my affection,
But I was so afraid you would show me Rejection,
So I keep it to myself for my own protection,
I have daydreamed so often of your sweet kiss,
And how it would put me in a internal bliss,
Hiding my feelings from you was the worst,
Sometimes I felt as if I were going to burst,
But one good thing is that we were friends first,
I had always knew it in bottom of my heart,
You were the right person for me from start,
But I didnít want to lose what we had,
Just in case things went to the bad,
I was always jealous of all the others,
That you had taking as your lovers,
I wanted to be the one lying in your arms,
Glowing in your southern charms,
But at last are finally together,
And I now know our relationship will last forever,
Because we are like two birds of the same feather.

Jesus loves us thatís for sure,
From heaven he came with a heart that was pure,
And forgave ours sins with the painful death he had to endure,
He gave up his life in hopes weíd do what was right,
Maybe we should all try and see the light,
So letís live for the Lord and give Satan a fight.

I often wonder about lives fate,
How some peoples can be so great,
And others  always come  a little to late,
The lucky ones always seem to gain,
And all the others its usually just pain,
Some peoples life is always a treasure,
And others never have a moments pleasure,
Fate can be  one mans best friend,
Or ruin anotherís life from beginning to end,
How can fate be so cruel to others,
But help some people always go further,
I guess itís just the luck of the draw,
If fate will help you any at all,

I came home once again several hours late,
And tell my wife there was a meeting that couldnít wait,
I knew she didnít believe my alibi,
When the tears began to fill her eyes,
And I know sheís getting so tired of all my lies,
Thereís no reason why I cheat,
With nearly every woman that I meet,
My wife has always treated me as if I were a king,
So why do I reward her by always slipping off my ring,
Why would I risk such a precious treasure,
For just a few moments of selfish pleasure,
I wish there was a way for me to explain,
But what can I say unless Iím just insane,
I know in my heart that the next time I stray,
That sheís going to pack up and walk away,
No matter what I try to do or say,
So I wiped away the tears from her eyes,
And told her there would be no more lies,
Itís now been almost eleven years,
And we have two girls and a boy,
My wife still sheds a few occasional tears,
But they are always from joy.

Doing time
Iím just nineteen years old and doing time,
What was I thinking committing such a crime,
I thought to myself itís fast money so I sold some dope,
And now I have to be careful not to drop the soap,
I never knew what life was like inside,
How so often men in here died,
You should see the weapons these cons can forge,
For the only purpose to put others in the morgue,
You might think I can pull one off without a hitch,
But youíll most likely just wind up someoneís prison bitch,
Most criminals almost leave some sort of link,
And the cops are much smarter than you think,
So I begging for you to take my advise,
Before you do wrong always think twice,
Because you never know whoís working uncover for vice,
And prison sure is hell isnít a very nice place,
Especially if you have a cute face.

You can tell when fall as moved out,
There wonít be any doubt,
Because winter will blew in with all her fury,
Making the weather cold and dreary,
At the start all you will feel,
Is a slight hint of a little chill,
And as she strolls in ever so slow,
The temperature will drop even more low,
Until eventually we get our first snow,
Then the lakes and ponds will turn to ice,
And all the kids will think thatís so nice,
Because now they can get out their skates and sticks,
To play hockey and do all their snow board tricks,
And the adults can build a romanic fire,
Then lie in of it and fill their own desires,
Winter will be last until you hear the birds start to sing,
Then you know that itís almost spring.

Sugar and spice
They say girls are made of sugar and spice,
If this is true you should thank our Christ,
Because he must have blessed you twice,
To make you so pretty and nice,
Your hair is as black as the dead of night,
And your blue eyes sparkle ever so bright,
Youíve got the prettiest figure Iíve ever saw,
I swear that there isnít one single flaw,
Your teeth are as white as a perfect pearl,
Which gives you the prettiest smile in the world, 
Youíve got a voice that sounds heaven sent,
And your soft skin taste just like a mint,
All I know is I love you so very much,
And it grows more each time we touch.

Love at first sight
As I walked along the ocean shore,
Thinking of what my life had in store,
Then by the full moons light,
I saw her there that night,
And I knew it was love at first sight,
She was the prettiest girl Iíd ever seen,               
There for a second I thought she was a dream,   
I just to had to think what it be like to hold her,
To feel her head upon my shoulder,
And if I knew sheíd given me chance ,
I could have shown her so much romance,
It was then I knew Iíd never be happy without her in my life,                         
Me as a husband her as my wife,
And if knew I could  have gotten her near,
I would have whispered I love you in her ear,
Then ask her to be with me with rest of our lifeís,
And she would know I was serious by the look in my eyes,
All I knew was I wanted her for a mate,
So I went over and met her before it was to late,
It must of have really been fate,
Last week was our wedding date.

Used and abused
Over next door I heard a loud clatter,
And I knew right away what was the matter,
Then I heard a tap at my door,
And found my neighbor Phoebe there on the floor,
As I bent down and picked her up,
I can see sheíd been beaten and cut,
So I quickly ran her out to my car,
Then took her to the doctor which wasnít that far, 
As I brung her in and they rushed her to the back,
A nurse came over and asked me for some facts,
She asked me if I knew her assailant,
So that the cops could catch him before itís to late,
Phoebe had always asked me to keep quite for her sake,
But this time it was more than I could take,
I told the nurse that it was her spouse,
And gave her his name and the address to his house,
The nurse then asked me was I for sure,
Yes I said Iíve seen what sheís had to endure,
Phoebe told me how her whole marriage sheíd been used,
And how now she was starting to be abused,
The nurse said that sheíd have a short hospital stay,
But she would be all right in a few days,
And now all her troubles and worries are done,
Because when the cops arrived her husband tried to run,
And then the fool went for his gun,
So now Phoebe can live at peace with her son.

My friend
Iím so glad that youíre my friend,
And I hope we are until our end,
I remember when we first met,
We were like a matching set,
And as the years have come and gone,
Our friendship has just grew more strong,
If you ever need anything just pick up the phone,
Because as long as we have each other,
Weíll never be alone.

No reason to cheat
I came home once again several hours late,
And tell my wife there was a meeting that couldn't wait,
I knew she didn't believe my alibi,
When the tears began to fill her eyes,
And I know she's getting so tired of all my lies,
There's no reason why I cheat,
With nearly every woman that I meet,
My wife has always treated me as if I were a king,
So why do I reward her by always slipping off my ring,
Why would I risk such a precious treasure,
For just a few moments of selfish pleasure,
I wish there was a way for me to explain,
But what can I say unless I'm just insane,
I know in my heart that the next time I stray,
That she's going to pack up and walk away,
No matter what I try to do or say,
So I wiped away the tears from her eyes,
And told her there would be no more lies,
It's now been almost eleven years,
And we have two girls and a boy,
My wife still sheds a few occasional tears,
But they are always from joy.

My lucky clover
Today I threw away my four leaf clover,
Because she told that we were over,
And I knew without a doubt,
That all itís luck had ran out,
It had always been my lucky charm,
Protecting me from all sorts of harm,
But it all came to an end,
When she said she just wanted to be my friend,
I knew that meant she had found another,
To replace me as her lover,
I guess I need a rabbits foot or a lucky penny,
Or maybe I donít really need any,
Most folks think that luck isnít real,
That everything that happens is up to Godís will.

Why must I be so weak?
Why must I be so weak,
How can I find the strength I seek,
To tell you how I really feel,
And let things fall the way they will,
You have always been the woman I adore,
And I just canít hide my feelings anymore,
Iíve been trying to tell you for so long,
Please forgive me for not being strong,
I remember the first time I looked into your eyes,
And how love hit me almost like I was hypnotized,
Whenever I become down or blue,
To cheer myself up I just think of you,
And when Iím as happy as I can be,
I always wish that you were with me,
When I lay my head down at night,
Itís you I dream of till first light,
I canít go on without you in my life,
Please tell me that youíll become my wife,
You know I never really believed in fairly tales,
Until just now when I heard our wedding bells.

I think summer is so cool,
Because for one there is no school,
And we can see our kids hang out by the pool,
We can go and ski behind a boat,
Or just lay around all day on a float,
We can see lots of pretty ladies lying in the sun,
Or go to a park for an afternoon run,
We can go down to the grand strand,
And build castles in the sand,
Or walk your girl down the shore hand in hand,
We can go out back and cook on your grills,
Or go camping in the nearby hills,
For all of the above reasons,
Summer is one of my favorite seasons.

Oh why me lord?
I got home from work and walked in the door,
And saw nothing but an empty floor,
How could this really be,
Youíre no longer here with me,
You were more precious to me than gold,
Iíve loved you every since I was twelve years old,
Now youíre gone without even trace,
And left me here in this big empty place,
Your love is what made this house a home,
Why would you go and leave me here all alone,
I never even saw any sign,
That you were having a change of mind,
What could I have done wrong,
God this is like a sad sad song,
Without you in my life how can I go on,
Why didnít you leave a note or a call on the phone,
Or some reason why you were gone,
Oh why me Lord I hate so much to be alone,
But I will get over you because God made me strong.

My first love
I saw my first love just the other day,
The first time since she went her own way,
I wanted to go over just to say hey,
But I knew she would tell my feeling havenít went away,
In fact nearly every night as I lie in my bed,
Sweet dreams of her fill my head,
I donít understand how we grew apart,
For I love her with all of my heart,
I treated her as if she were an angel from up above,
But she just wanted to be as free as a dove,
I guess she wasnít ready for my kind of love,
The love in my heart for her is still so strong,
That sometimes itís so hard to carry on,
But what is life without aches and pain,
That would be like a summer without any rain,
I canít be mad at her or try to lay any blame,
Because she canít help if she doesnít feel the same. 

Something new, something blue
I was wondering if you'd do me a favor since you're so caring,
How about go up town and run this little errand,
I need you to get something new,
And then borrow something blue,
Now do you know what I'm asking you,
Suddenly she jumped up and hugged my neck,
And gave my lips a big peck,
Then the first thing she said,
Was when do you want us to wed,
I answered the sooner the better,
Because I can't wait for us to be together,
So we made up a list of our friends,
To know how many invitations to send,
Then we decided what we wanted for the feast,
And whom we would use as the priest,
We decided that we would build,
An alter in a nearby field,
Where we use to spend hours,
Looking at all the beautiful flowers,
Then we went and picked out her ring,
And hired a band we like to sing,
We decided to make our wedding date for the first of spring,
And on that day we said our I do's,
Then left for our honeymoon cruise,
Our first year of marriage was so wild,
And we just gave birth to our first child,
He is so adorable and his skin is as soft as cotton,
And I just know that we are going to spoil him rotten.

Itís so sad
Itís so sad to love someone with all you heart,
And all they do is tear it apart,
I knew it was bad right from the start,
But I couldnít help to care,
Except now itís more than I can bare,
And I wish it was over this I swear.

Dťjŗ vu
I think it was fate that I met you,
Because it felt almost like Dťjŗ vu,
Maybe we are reincarnated lovers,
And it was destiny that we find one another,
Whenever we sit around and talk,
Or if we go out for a walk,
Even the feel of your touch,
Which I love so much,
Everything that I do with you,
Always feels like its dťjŗ vu,
When we sit out and look at the stars above,
And even when we are making love,
It doesn't matter if we're all alone,
Or if we are just talking on the phone,
Everything I do with you,
Always feels like its dťjŗ vu,
But still I look forward to seeing whatís new each day,
And I would never have it any other way.

Our vows
Itís been less than a year since we exchanged our vows,
And now you have left me to be with your pals,
I think to myself each and every day, 
If you really ever intended to stay,
Or did I do something to drive you away,
is it true what I heard from your brother,
That youíve gone and fell for another,
I heard the jokes about me that your friends make,
How much of this do you think I can take,
How long do you think I am suppose to wait,
You need to tell me something for Godís sake,
I know now that our marriage has ran itís course,
Thatís why tomorrow Iím going to file for a divorce.

I like to seat out back and look into space,
And think of how it's such an amazing place,
It's so huge and as black as tar,
But it's filled with millions of bright stars,
And then there are the nine planets,
Plus all the meteoroids made of stone and granite,
And best of all there is the sun,
Which without we couldn't get anything done,
I wish that I had a rocket ship,
So that I may take a trip,
Out into the great unknown,
To where no man has never gone,
I'd travel all through the Milky Way,
Enjoying the sights each and every day,
And after I've saw all the stars that burn,
Then maybe back to earth I would return,
But that wouldn't be one of my big concerns.

The wind starts to blow ever so soft,
And the weather begins to gradually cool off,
The leaves begin to change color and fall,
Making the trees look naked and ever so tall,
You'll see the squirrels gathering their nuts,
And hurrying up there little butts,
The birds flying south will fill the sky,
And then the grass and flowers will begin to die,
Then there is the making of the hurricanes,
Followed by days or weeks of rain,
You won't see anyone around their pools,
Because all the kids will be back in school,
Then there is the beginning of football,
And these are a few of the signs of fall.
There's way to many to list them all.

My life
It was just six months out of high school,
I walked around thinking I was so cool,
And I was having the time of my life,
But that all changed with the slice of a knife,
Because of a simple car wreck,
That left me with a broken neck,
Now Iím stuck in a wheelchair,
Making life so hard to bare,
Maybe one day God will answer my prayer,
And make my body whole,
Or if not maybe he will just free my soul.

The cheer
I called up all my friends and ask if we could have meet,
Then I told them that it would be my treat,
I have fallen for this girl and I want everyone to meet her,
And by the way she used to be a cheerleader,
I know you'll think she's a dear,
But just wait until you hear,
What she thinks of me in a cheer,
It goes one, two,
I love you,
Three, four,
It's you I adore,
Five, six,
There's nothing we can't fix,
Seven, eight,
You are my soul mate,
Nine, ten,
You're my prince among men,
Everyone thought that she was a blast,
And made her feel welcomed extremely fast,
So then I told everyone she had accepted to be my wife,
And that we were going to start sharing our life,
I know you may think this is to soon,
But we want everyone to watch us marry Saturday at noon,
And wish us well before we leave for honeymoon.

The ocean
I love to go down to the ocean,
It brings out such emotions,
I love to watch the waves break,
And see all the different shapes they make,
I love to make castles in the sand,
To feel the soft wet grains in my hands,
I love walk along with my pale,
And pick up all the pretty seashells,
Or just sit back and watch the people parasail,
And it's amazing how clean the air smells,
I love to see the people skiing behind their boats,
And all the kids playing with their floats,
I love to watch the fishermen trying their luck,
Or how I'll see an occasional duck,
I love to get up early and watch the sunrise,
It is such a pleasure to the eyes,
And no matter how many times I watch I'm always surprised,
Because it looks just like it rises from out of the sea,
Or that's how it always appears to me,
I hope real soon that you can visit an ocean,
But always remember to wear your suntan lotion.

The first time I ever laid eyes on Danielle,
Head over heels in love with her I fell,
A thousand sunsets would pale to her beauty,
And her eyes are like two perfect rubies,
She has the sexiest figure Iíve ever seen on a girl,
And the prettiest blond hair with just the right curl,
She has a voice that sounds heaven sent,
I close my eyes and I can imagine her scent,
And she has such a romantic name,
Since I saw her I havenít been the same,
And I know Iíll never meet her and thatís ashame,
But I hope she is always happy and continues her fame.

The invitation
My sister just gave me an invitation,
To meet her best friend after their graduation,
So I left to go to the celebration,
But when I arrived at the location,
I didn't even see one decoration,
Then Karen stepped out and said I'm sorry about all the Deception,
But there is a perfectly good explanation,
And I thought it would be best if we were in isolation,
For this particular situation,
You see every time we had a communication,
I always got this strange sensation,
And I now know that it was temptation,
Then she said that sis had told her of my fascination,
And that's what finally gave her the motivation,
To be here having this conversation,
I wondered was this real or just my imagination,
She shared her feelings with me and I wanted to show her my
So I went and held her to show there was no misinterpretation,
We then made love without a single hesitation,
And she told me I had fulfilled her every expectation,
We've been together since that event, and we havenít  
had a single days separation.

The clouds
I stare at the clouds in the sky so blue,
Daydreaming of no one except you,
How your eyes sparkle like stars in the night,
And your smile could surely give a blind man his sight,
I stare at the clouds and I see your face,
And Iím amazed by your beauty and grace,
I stare at the clouds and think of your love,
And how lucky I am God sent you to me from up above.

Men donít appreciate
Why is it that most men don't appreciate,
What they have until it's too late,
I had a lady and she was great,
But I keep tempting my fate,
And she decided not to wait,
So she was gone one day when I came home,
Then I found a note by the phone,
Explaining to me why she had gone,
It said that she was tired of always being alone,
And she felt it would be best to just move on,
That perhaps I'd be happier if I were on my own,
Suddenly I was hit with a huge wave of grief,
And I knew she would be my only relief,
So then I knew what it was I needed to do,
And if only she had left some kind of clue, 
I would have went and tried to pursue,
And give her an apology that was way overdue,
Then I would beg her to please let's reconcile,
That there's no way I could make it without her smile,
I would explain that her leaving had such an affect,
That for now on I'd show her nothing but respect,
I would tell her that I had been such a jerk,
But if she please comes back that I would make it work,
That I would show her first hand,
How I was a reformed man,
I ran into her a few weeks later in a small cafť,
And I finally got to tell her what I had wanted to say,
We were together six months before she picked a wedding day,
And my little sister just caught her pink bouquet.

Doing whatís right
I've been saved since I was eleven,
In hopes of one day being in heaven,
I say my prayers each and every night,
And try to live my life by doing what's right,
So I don't sit around smoking, cursing, or trying to fight,
Donít think Iím going around trying to act like a saint,
Because I know that I ainít,
I know everyoneís life is under their own control,
And Iím just living mine tying to save my soul, 
So please don't think that I'm odd,
Just because I'm trying to live for God.
My guiding light
Your love is my guiding light,
It keeps me on course both day and night,
By burning ever so bright,
Only heaven knows what you truly mean to me,
It's so much more than you could ever see,
You are my sunshine on a rainy day,
And the reason all my troubles went away,
I'm so ecstatic that you and your love came along,
Because my whole life had been like a sad love song,
Almost everyone I knew had done me wrong,
And if it was possible for me to receive a single dime,
For each heartache I have endured through time,
I could buy a mountain of solid gold to high to climb,
But since I meet you all I feel is happiness and joy,
It's as if I were a young kid with a new toy,
Or that we are the beginning of a wonderful fairytale story,
My whole life had been miserable since I was seven,
But with you I've found a little piece of heaven,
I know during the rest of my life I'll never cause her any pain,
And I truly believe that she feels exactly the same,
So I asked her if' she'd take my last name,
She was more than happy to except,
And then with a lot of joy we both wept,
So now we're off to Vegas to elope,
And I just can't help but to gloat.

Hand in hand
We walk along the beach hand in hand,
Just you, me, the birds and the sand,
And the big bright sun the color of gold,
Iíve been in love with you since I was fourteen years old,
And I think itís about time you be told,
My love for you burns like a fire,
And I will bring you such happiness and desire,
My heart is so full of joy and compassion,
And I just want to fill your life with endless passion,
I know we should do whatís right,
And explore this feelings that Iíve got,
Then with my delight she said Iíve been feeling the same,
Iíve even daydreamed about taking your last name.

Forbidden love
Iím sitting here daydreaming about the love of my life,
And how itís to bad sheís someone elseís wife,
I think of her both day and night,
Even though I know itís not right,
With him she seems as happy as can be,
I just wish it were with me,
Iíll never let her know how I feel,
And sheíll never find out if by Gods will,
Iíll have to settle with just being friends,
But I will love her till my life ends.

Final good-bye
Once again I was sneaking in late,
Trying not to make any noise with the gate,
And thinking of a story to create,
Incase my wife was still awake,
But did I really get a surprise,
She had packed up all of her supplies,
And told me that this was our final good-bye,
Then I saw the tears begin to fill her eyes,
As she said that she couldn't take anymore of my lies,
Then she gave me back her wedding rings,
And told me that now you've gotten back your wings,
So once again you'll be able to act fancy free,
And you don't have to worry about making up lies to spare me,
As I listened to her I couldn't help but to feel disgust,
I had thrown away all of my wife's trust,
Just for the sake of my own lust,
I new it wouldn't do any good to oppose,
As she picked up the last of her clothes,
There's no way she'd ever stay,
Because she knows I'll cheat again one day,
I have to admit she was true blue,
She has stuck by me like glue,
And this breakup has been way overdue,
Sometimes I would wonder why we had wed,
I really think I just wanted to get her into my bed,
So I watched her as she left our home,
And to my dismay I was relieved she had gone,
I guess I really do have a heart made of stone.

Iím so grateful
Iím so grateful for the love we share,
Since I met you life is so easy to bare,
I love you more than words can say,
And it grows stronger each and every day,
I love you with all my heart,
And I always have right from the start,
Iím so grateful for falling in love with you,
When you appeared in my life from out of the blue,
And if I every lost you I donít know what Iíd do,
Thatís why I so grateful to God for your love thatís so true.

A horrible surprise
I got off early and bought some flowers for my wife,
But I didn't know this was going to be the worst day of my life,
I walked in and I couldn't believe my eyes,
It was such a horrible surprise,
There I saw my wife in our bed,
Trying to hide my best friends head,
I ran out before anything could be said,
Then I went and got into my car,
And drove to a nearby bar,
When I arrived there I went inside and sat on a stool,
Next to some guys shooting pool,
I ordered myself a stiff drink,
And tried not to think,
About how she could cheat in our place,
And not feel a bit of disgrace,
Now my whole life with her is a waste,
Because I could never again look her in the face,
My mind kept thinking that I should have killed them,
Or at least have ripped them limb from limb,
But all that would have done was put me in jail,
And make the rest of my life a living hell,
So I think I made the right choice,
By not showing any brut force,	
Now all that is left for me to do is file for a divorce,
And try my best to put my life back on course.

Heart, soul, and mind
Most of my entire life has been crappie,
I never knew what it was to be truly happy,
But that all changed last year,
When my lovely angel did appear,
She is so sexy and extremely sincere,
That I always want her to be near,
I've cherished every moment with her I've spent,
And I know this is the way life was meant,
She won my heart, soul, and mind,
And she's the greatest treasure that I could ever find,
She is the one, who always stands out in the crowd,
And she is the silver lining of my cloud,
I make it through work each day by thinking of her lovely face,
And how I can hardly wait to feel her embrace,
She is going to be the world's greatest mate,
And I knew that for a fact after our first date,
Sometimes people will stop and stare,
And tell us that we look like a great pair,
Then I tell them that she was an answer to a pray,
She has filled me up with so much hope,
That it's made my life easy to cope,
And just last week we did elope,
Because we both knew that as long as we were alive,
That our love would always survive.

I love this girl,
And Iíd give her the world,
She says that she loves me,
But itís hard to see,
She says with me sheís ashamed,
But who am I to lay blame,
If I were her I may feel the same,
She gets ill and then she snaps,
And Iím getting so tired of her crap,
Maybe weíd be better apart,
We both should have known that right from the start

I will survive
I can see it in your eyes,
That youíre telling me more lies,
But that really comes at no surprise,
Everyone told me that I didnít need you,
Because you would eventually make me blue,
But I loved you so much what else could I do,
In my head there never any doubt,
Because I knew someday youíd probably run out,
But thatís all right I will survive,
Because life will always continue on,
And what donít kill you will just make you strong.

To be or not to be
Shakespeare said to be or not to be,
And that's what been concerning me,
I love every little thing about my girl,
But there is so many of them in the world,
Don't get me wrong she is so great,
But is she really my one true mate,
Were we put together by the hands of fate,
Or is she someone who is just fun to date,
Is she the one who is meant to be my wife,
To bare my children as we share a life,
I wish there was a way to be sure,
That what I feel is a love so pure,
And no matter what that it will always endure,
The time that we share together I do cherish,
But how can I be sure that later it wonít perish,
I wonder if every man feels this way,
On his wedding day,
My God there she is coming down the isle,
And she has such an amazing smile,
As we wed her eyes filled with tears,
Each drop wiped away another one of my fears,
And I now know Iíll love her through all of our years.

A ride
We piled in the truck to go for a ride,
Ten minutes later one of us had died,
When in the emergency room as I awoke,
There were tubes coming out of my throat,
A nurse said to me relax youíve been in a wreck,
And Iím sorry to say youíve broken your neck,
Later a doctor came and pricked me all around,
But no feeling were found from my shoulders down,
So now I spend all my time in a wheelchair or my bed,
With nothing to do except daydream in my head.

A dream
I never believed that a dream could come true,
Until she appeared in my life from out of the blue,
I was so surprised I didn't have a clue,
About what it was I wanted to do,
She was the prettiest woman I had ever seen,
It was as if she had materialized straight out of my dream,
She had on a pink sexy dress which showed that she was lean,
Her lips were as red as a crimson rose,
And she had the cutest little button nose,
Her long curly hair was jet black,
And it went down to the small of your back,
I could tell right away that she had style,
And even I was surprised when I saw her amazing smile,
She also had the most fabulous looking green eyes,
And she kept the attention of all the guys,
It just took one glance for me to be totally mesmerized,
So I walked over to her and said hi,
And asked if maybe she'd like to go for some coffee or pie,
We then went to a cute little cafť,
That had a great view of the bay,
Where we spend most of the entire day,
Just having some conversation that was great,
When she started to leave I asked her did she believe in fate,
Because mine was telling me to ask her a date,
She then gave me her number and said that would be great,
And that she could hardly wait,
We then started going out at a steady rate,
And this is the story of how I meet my life long mate.

To tell me a lie
Just go ahead and try,
To tell me a lie,
This time you wonít fool me,
Because I now know where you be,
I saw how you were sneaking around like a mouse,
So I followed you to his house,
And I saw you going in through the back,
Breaking out most sacred pact,
I gave you my best for all this years,
And in return all I get is a flow of tears 
But they will now come to a end,
Because you can go back to your new friend,
I could never stay with you,
Knowing that youíve been untrue,
So I guess this marriage has run itís course,
And all thatís left is for us to divorce.

You are
You are my sunshine,
You are my rain,
You are my joy,
You are my pain,
You are my light at the end of the tunnel,
You are my reason for staying sane,
You are my strength to make it through the day,
You are who I dream of at night,
You are the person who makes life so right,
You are the reason the sun is so bright,
You are everything to me,
You are by my side where I hope youíll always be.

Being strong
Itís gotten easy to be strong,
Iíve done it for so long,
Because Iím use to being done wrong,
You lied to my face,
And made me live in disgrace,
Then you were gone without a trace,
I will not weep,
Or lose any sleep,
Because I knew someday you run off with a creep.
Love of my life
The love you give me is like a delicate flower,
It grows more immense with each and every hour,
I just knew you were the love of my life,
When I saw you enter the room that room,
Your skin was as white as a flawless pearl,
And you had the prettiest smile in the whole world,
Your eyes were as blue as the deepest sea,
I actually think my heart skipped a beat,
Because I became so weak in my knees,
And I knew then my goal in life was to keep you pleased.

Child with child
Our daughter starting changing, at first it was mild,
Then all of a sudden she went hog wild,
And now at the age of fourteen she is with child,
At first my wife and I were mad,
Then we were just sad,
And when we ask her who is the dad,
She said that the only boy sheís been with,
Was the next-door neighbors kid,
I went over and banged on the door,
Not knowing what was in store,
The door was opened slowly by his mother,
And these words shocked me, oh no not another,
It seems as of this day,
Her boy has two kids on the way,
She said that she didnít know what came over her son,
That he said he was just having fun,
And that he hasnít realized yet what heís done,
I walked back over to our house,
And it was quite as a mouse,
I went and sat on the bed next to my wife,
And told her, you know this is going to change our life,
But we helped our girl as much as we could,
Just like any good parent would,
And as her belly began to swell,
To her friends she did tell,
That it was really best to wait,
You donít have to have sex to date,
Because they could end up like her with nine months of pain,
And a new born to name.
Love potion
When I first saw her we were by the ocean,
And she was applying some suntan lotion,
I don't know what happened to my emotions,
But it felt as if I'd been giving a love potion,
Because head over heels in love with her I fell, 
It was almost like I was under a spell,
In my entire life I had never felt so well,
And I just had to go over to her and say,
That I want to spend my life with you starting this day,
She stared at me a short while,
Then she said with a smile,
That she liked my style,
So we went out and ate,
Then we proceeded to date,
And it must have had been fate,
Because we both realized we were each otherís soul mate,
And the way everything with us is going so great,
We decided not to really wait,
So we just picked out an early wedding date.

The cross
He was born in Bethlehem and never committed a sin,
But still men condemned him,
They carved a huge cross made from a dogwood tree,
And made him carry it down the street,
When he finally reached the mound, 
The soldiers then laid it down on the ground,
And placed him upon it with his hands and feet bound,
Then it was raised up high,
So everyone could watch him die,
And as he hung there dying upon that cross,
He looked up to our big boss,
Then said forgive them father for they know not what they do,
And most who watched were feeling blue,
Because they all knew,
That Even in death he showed mercy for them, me, and you.

Secret lovers
She's my wife's best friend and also a new mother,
That's why we hide the fact that we are secret lovers,
Because we don't want to hurt our significant others,
So we are always acting calm and polite,
Trying not to let our passion ignite,
Until our secret meetings at night,
Then afterwards we just hold each other tight,
When we're together it feels so right,
Even though we both know that it's wrong,
Then we go back to our homes,
With some excuse for being gone,
We don't know how long it'll be before they catch on,
But I hope it's after all our kids are grown,
Because I know my wife would leave our home,
And I couldn't stand my kids being gone.

Today I found out my best friends wife is cheating,
I saw her and a strange man meeting,
At a cheap just out of town motel,
And it's making my life a living hell,
Wondering whether or not to tell,
I know when he finds out about them,
It's going to devastate him,
Because he thinks the world,
Revolves around that girl,
I don't know what made her start to stray,
If she weren't happy then why would she stay,
Wouldn't it be better to just walk away,
I know somehow this has to end,
And I really hate it for my friend,
But what makes it so sad,
This is his third marriage to go bad,
Because his wife's were out and about with Lord knows who,
I know this whole ugly situation is making me blue,
And I just wish that I knew what in the world to do.

When we said I do
We loved each other so much when we said I do,
That's why it's so hard to believe it's true,
That just three years later that we're really through,
I don't know what happen between me and you,
Or why you would leave me from out of the blue,
Though I've heard rumors that you found someone new,
I had thought that you could only love me,
Because that's the way fate had meant for it to be,
I had never felt a love so strong,
And in my mind nothing could ever go wrong,
But now here you are gone,
And the pain is aching to the bone,
Because since I meet you I never thought I'd be alone,
And I'm going to really miss that sexy tone,
You used when we were talking on the phone,
And seeing you in all that sexy underwear,
That I've bought you wear,
And just thinking of you with him is so hard to bear,
Giving him that special touch,
That I love so much,
And as I sit here and drink my beers,
Trying to hold back the tears,
I think about our past three years,
How they were my happiest ever,
And I know that I'll never,
Find another in this whole big world,
That would mean as much to me as you do girl,
But I guess it's time to close that door,
Since you don't want to be with me anymore.

Thanks to Christ
We should all go through our life,
Giving thanks to Christ,
For making the ultimate sacrifice,
He came forth and took the fall,
For the greater all,
He knew with his death it meant,
That all mankind could now repent,
And wash away our sins with a prayer,
Then start life again with a slate thatís bare.

All my love for you has now died,
Because I finally realized just how bad you've lied,
You said that you loved me,
And that we were meant to be,
But finally I've opened my eyes to see,
Just how bad you can deceive,
You could lie to my face,
And not even show the slightest disgrace,
All the love I gave you was just a waste,
Because you cheated in such a haste,
Was I really that easy to replace,
And even though you treated me like slime,
I may forgive you one day in time,
But for now I think we should bring our marriage to an end,
And try to part as at least friends. 

The strand
I first saw her walking alone the strand, 
She was so sexy and perfectly tanned,
And I knew immediately that I wanted to be her man,
Because I was daydreaming about slipping a golden band,
Upon her left hand,
So I went over and sweep her off her feet,
By saying without her in my life I was incomplete,
And she thought I was so sweet,
Our first few years were full of heat,
Because back then we were both a little wild,
But we settled right down when she became with child,
And we both felt as if we were a little beguiled,
The first time our little angel smiled,
And not long after our first, we had another,
Because she was such a terrific mother,
But now time has continued on,
And both of our kids are grown,
And out living on their own,
Now once again we are alone,
And even though her hair has faded to gray,
I still love her as much as that first day,
That I saw her walking down the strand,
And I'm so honored to be her man.

Summer showers
I love when we have warm summer showers,
Because I like to walk in them for hours,
There's just something soothing about the rain,
That helps wash away my broken heart pain, 
You see I loved this lady and I offered her my name,
But evidently she didn't feel the same,
Because she said I was so sweet and kind,
But unfortunately she was going to have to decline,
Because our relationship was coming to the end of the line,
Then with one quick goodbye, she was gone out the door,
And as I watched her leave, my heart hit the floor,
Because I knew she wouldn't be coming back anymore,
But even now after all this time I still miss her so,
And if only she hadn't felt like she had to go,
We would have been such a great couple, this I know.

Southern girls
There's nothing in this world,
Like a sweet southern girl,
Rather they are from Miami Beach,
Or a Georgia peach,
And Lord knows do we love their speech,
There's something about a southern accent that turns men on,
Whether in live person or on a phone,
And it doesn't matter whether it's heavy or mild,
It still drives us guys wild,
And they smell as sweet as expensive cologne,
Another thing is they hate to be alone,
Because they like making love from dusk to dawn,
And you know that while you're gone,
They can't wait for you to get home,
So once again they can treat you right,
And hold you through the still of the night,
Until mornings early light,
So if you're looking for a lady, who knows how to treat a man,
Then you to need try to do everything you can,
To find you a southern girl,
Because they really are the best in the world.

Puppet on a string
It's been one year to this day,
Since she just up and went away,
And to my dismay,
I still break down when I hear our song play,
You see at first I thought she was heaven sent,
But that all changed when she up and went,
Leaving me without a cent,
I had thought I was her everything,
And had even saved up to buy her an engagement ring,
But I never knew she was playing me like a puppet on a string,
Until one day I came home,
And her and all our stuff was gone,
She didn't even leave a note saying goodbye,
And no matter how hard I try,
I can't get her out of my mind,
Maybe I will with some more time.

Tears for years
I know that for the past few years,
That I've caused her heartache and filled her eyes with tears,
But still she always acts like she believes my alibis,
Even though she knows that they are all lies,
I don't mean to cause her any pain,
But I don't know what goes through my brain,
Because being faithful for me is hard, and I don't know why,
But I really do try,
Then I'll find myself with some strange women saying hi,
And trying to convince her to let me stay night,
Even though I know it's not right,
Then afterwards the guilt starts to grow,
Because deep down I realize she knows,
Sometimes I wish she would leave and find her another man,
One that would treat her better than I can,
Because she is the type of girl,
That deserves the world,
Being put at her feet,
Instead of with someone who cheats with every girl he meets.

I don't understand why people would commit suicide,
Is it because they've lost their pride,
Or is it they feel that no one is on their side,
We know that in everyone's life there are shades of gray,
But that's when you just have to find a way,
To make it through each and every day,
And as time continues on,
You'll become so strong,
That eventually you will get out of your hole,
And you won't be condemned your soul,
To the fires of hell,
Where for an eternity it would have dwelled.

First she married, and then she took it even one step further,
By becoming an expecting mother,
And as you grew in her womb,
She knew the nine months would go by soon,
And as she suffered with her labor pain,
She relaxed by calling out your name,
And when you were finally born they wiped your face and cleaned
your nose,
Then they handed you to her and she counted all your fingers and
Then in a few days she took you home,
To where soon you'd be able to roam,
And like a weed you did grow,
Where she taught you everything you would ever need to know,
And just like a wonderful dream,
It wasn't long before you were a teen,
Just you always remember that there's no other,
Who will ever love you as much as your mother.

An angel in disguise
I never really believed the stories about falling in love,
How some couples fit together like a hand in a glove,
Because me myself I loved being on the run,
Just using women to have my fun,
But that all changed back in may,
When I saw this lady in the park one day,
She had been sitting there for a while,
When I realized I was totally hypnotized by her smile,
And even though she didn't have celestial wings,
A golden halo or any other heavenly things,
But there was something in those baby blue eyes,
That convinced me she was a an angel in disguise,
So to introduce myself I went and to my surprise,
Even her voice sounded heaven sent,
And it was right there that I knew we were meant to be,
Because this was the first time it had ever happen to me,
I had actually fallen head over heels in love,
So I thanked God for sending her to me from up above,
And since that day she captured my heart,
We've never spend to much time apart,
So finally I don't have to go out looking for one-night flings,
Because after giving my angel the perfect engagement ring,
She agreed to marry me this coming spring.

I owe everything to my dad,
For sharing with me whatever he had,
And teaching me the difference between good and bad,
When I was just a young lad,
He also made sure I had a great education,
And he was extremely proud of me at my graduation,
Now I'm all grown with kids of my own,
And I'm passing all his teachings on, 
Now he's slowing becoming an old man,
And I'm doing everything I can,
To give him a helping hand.

Our first night
I loved the way you held me so tight,
Until dawns early light,
When together we shared our first night,
Everything felt all so right,
Just being with you was such a delight,
And a fire in my heart you did ignite,
Now my life has a whole new incite,
I was even thinking of poems I could recite,
Or even of one I might be able to write,
Thank God I've finally lost all my fright,
And there's no way I'd ever take flight,
Because now finally my life's looking a little bright.

An epiphany
I don't blame my angel for distrusting me,
When I told her that I had an epiphany.
Because this past year I've caused her so much grieve,
Why would she believe that I've turned over a new leaf,
And I know I've only got myself to blame,
For my wife wanting to drop my name,
Any other woman would have been done the same,
Because she knew I'd been playing the cheating game,
With all those excusing I was making that were really lame,
And I guess she got tired of hiding her shame,
From all of our friends,
And decided it was time for an end,
But now here I am begging for another shot,
And I don't know if she's going to give it to me or not,
I know I don't deserve another chance,
But please let me give you the romance,
That you've been so longing for,
And I swear I won't disappoint you anymore,
But if I do, you can walk out the door,
And I will give you your divorce,
Without any remorse.

Turn me on
My love for you is so strong,
That any little thing you do, can turn me on,
Like the way you lip the words to your favorite song,
Makes me want to make love to you until dawn,
Then once we're up and to work we've gone,
Without you by my side, I feel so alone,
And that's why even though I know it's wrong,
Sometimes I go into my boss's office to call you with his phone,
And I know that my work hours are really long,
But I make it through each day knowing I'll soon be home, 
And in your loving arms were I belong.

My destiny
It was crystal clear to me,
That she's my destiny,
I still remember the first time I saw her face,
She looked so sophisticated and full of grace,
So I had to go over and touch base,
Her voice was like a Nightingale's song,
And I knew she could do no wrong,
Then as I gazed into her eyes,
To my surprise, 
My stomach filled with butterflies,
And the love in my heart began to rise,
On our first night out, I still remember how much, 
I longed to feel her touch,
And she was my first companion to ever offer to pay Dutch,
So now we're nearing our wedding date,
And I can hardly wait,
Because having her as my mate,
Is going to be great, 
And that's why I thank God daily for setting our fate.

A crush
Even though I know you'd never love me,
Because you aren't free,
And you seem so happy with he,
But I can't help it I still have a crush,
Because you make my blood rush,
And every time you look in my direction,
I can't help it but I get an erection,
And when ever you give me that sexy smile,
It just drives me wild,
And even though I know it's wrong,
I fantasize of taking you home,
And making you moan,
Through the night until dawn.

Hurting love
I wonder why this hurting love won't go away,
Or is it in my heart to always stay,
Maybe it's because I see her nearly every day,
We had dated for about a year,
And I thought she was such a dear,
But then one day she started to cry,
And informed me she didn't feel the same as I,
She said it would be best if our relationship would end,
But that she still wanted to be my friend,
I asked if I had done something wrong,
No she replied, here I just don't feel like I belong,
And it was time for her to move on,
I felt as if my heart hit the floor,
The last time I saw her walk out the door,
So now no matter where I go in town,
She always seems to be around,
And seeing her with another,
Makes me feel like I'm about to smother,
But I act normal trying not to let my feeling show,
Because I don't want her to know,
For it's perfectly clear to see,
That she has no more feeling for me.

Every since I learned to play poker,
I just love seeing the joker,
The game isn't very hard,
You just have to watch your cards,
And after each win,
You have to decide whether to play again,
And keeping your cool is a must,
Because stupid wagering will make you bust,
So now when I want a little dough,
It's off to play poker I go.

The worldís greastest treasure
Every since I was about twelve years old,
I'd dreamed of silver and gold,
And other fancy things of the wealthy,
But now I'm happy to just be healthy,
I finally realized money isn't everything,
It can't make the birds sing,
Or compare to the joy of your child being born will bring,
What most of us have is suffice,
It's just how you look at life,
All we have to do is find someone who will really care,
And it won't matter what you wear,
Or if you can carry them everywhere,
The wealthy may find someone as sweet as honey,
But they'll never really know if it's them they want or their money, 
You see I found the world's greatest treasure,
And it's been around forever,
It's the fact, that you don't need money to truly find pleasure.

Since the first day she has been with me,
All I caused her was misery,
I don't know why she continues to stay,
Because she knows I'm set in my ways,
Maybe in the back of her mind,
She thinks I'll change if giving enough time,
I really wish I loved her with all my heart,
And that I could play the part,
Because she really wants to settle down,
And I'm still having fun running around,
I don't like causing her pain,
But being tied down now would drive me insane,
I know her feelings for me are strong,
But one day soon she will move on,
And I truly hope she will find another,
Who will marry her and make her a mother.

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